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    Medical science
  • 2020 № 7 Medical rehabilitation: the state of the domestic flow

    The purpose of the work is to assess the state of flow of Russian scientific publications on medical rehabilitation
    in high-rating international databases. The growth of publications of Russian researchers in the database “Web of Science”
    by 68%, in the database “Scopus” – 86%, while the growth of the world publication flow was 43% and 40% respectively.
    A model of the forecast of the dates of Russia reaching the 5th place in databases is presented. The reasons and problems
    of the low level of Russian publication scientific flow have been identified and the necessary measures to eliminate them
    have been identified.

    Authors: Ivanova N. V. [2] Ponomarenko G. N. [1] Sokurov A. V. [1] Smirnova L. M. [1] Serebryak T. V. [1] Ermolenko T. V. [1]

    Tags: publication flow1 rehabilitation5 scientometric indicators2

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  • Management in healthcare
  • 2019 № 6 Experience of practical use of SWOT analysis when organizing a medical department based on a fitness center

    Abstract. SWOT analysis - relevant today strategic management can be actively used in the health care organization. Nevertheless, a full formal analysis is hampered by a number of factors, among which are high financial and time-consuming. Another difficulty in carrying out quantitative assessments will be the risk of creating an” impression” of a unique solution, without taking into account the subjective factor during the determination of weight coefficients. At the same time, this type of analysis remains a good working tool when using it to make a decision and identify key aspects of the organization’s strategy. This article provides an example of the practical use of the method of SWOT analysis with the subsequent implementation of the developed recommendations. A full Swot-analysis was conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the creation of a medical unit on the basis of a modern fitness center. Specific recommendations were created after ranking the factors by importance. The analysis confirmed the feasibility of establishing a medical department, which can increase the number of consumers of services with high margins. Taking into account the obtained data, the implementation of the recommendations was carried out and the relevance of the use of this management tool in the health care organization was confirmed. The final result of the practical application of swot analysis was the expansion of the market at the expense of patients in need of rehabilitation and preventive measures.

    Authors: Valiev A. Sh. [1] Sharafutdinova N. Kh. [2] Galikeeva A. Sh [1]

    Tags: fitness1 preventive  care  in  the  fitness center1 rehabilitation5 strategic  management  in  medicine1 swot-analysis3

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  • Management in health care
  • 2015 № 9 Organizational planning the third phase of the rehabilitation of children with congenital heart disease of different age groups

    Annotation. Analysis of surgery for children and adolescents with congenital heart disease (CHD) in Bakulev Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery in 2013 allowed to justify the quantitative need for the 3rd phase of the rehabilitation of patients with this pathology. Achieved grouping of patients after surgical treatment of CHD for the third phase of rehabilitation depending on the diagnosis, the type and the deggree of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

    Authors: Bockeria L. A. [2] Milievskaja E. B. [4] Krupjanko S. M. [3] Nevedrova M. N. [1]

    Tags: cardiac clinic1 congenital heart disease2 hospital bed3 rehabilitation5 surgical bed1

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  • 2015 № 10 Prospects for rehabilitation assistance in the region on the example of private medical Center

    The need of the population of the region in medical rehabilitation can be resolved through active cooperation between private business and the state of health. One possible solution to this problem is considered on the example of the initiative of private medical companies.

    Authors: Kovalenko N. M. [1]

    Tags: a consulting project1 a medical center1 public-private partnership3 rehabilitation5 the experience of the organization1

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  • Financial management
  • 2015 № 1 Prospects of applying public-private partnerships mechanisms to improve rehabilitation care for patients with congenital heart disease

    The analysis of the application possibilities of public-private partnership in the creation of infrastructural base for medical rehabilitation of patients after surgical treatment of congenital heart defects. Described the main normative legal acts regulating the medical rehabilitation and public-private partnership in Russia. Offered some new ways of solving problems of public-private partnership in the system of national health care. The essence of the proposed solutions is the ability to attract pension funds as investors for infrastructure development of new rehabilitation centers for children with congenital heart disease. The author's opinion is not unconditional. In this paper an attempt is made one more look at the possibility of using public-private partnerships in health care.

    Authors: Milievskaja E. B. [4]

    Tags: congenital heart disease2 public-private partnerships2 rehabilitation5

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