Manager Zdravoochranenia 2018 #4

Published: 2018-04-08



    Focus of problem
  • The role and importance of criteria for evaluating the quality of medical care, approved by order of ministry of health of Russia from 10.05.2017 n203n for healthcare organizations working in the mandatory health insurance system

    The article analyzes the regulatory framework governing the quality control of medical care in the system of mandatory health insurance (MHI) and the application of criteria for assessing the quality of medical care in a medical organization. It is noted that the criteria for assessing the quality of medical care are an integral tool for ensuring and controlling the quality of medical care for all medical organizations without exception, including those operating in the MHI system. The authors explain and emphasize that the legislation on compulsory medical insur¬ance in no way limits the use of these criteria medical organizations working in MHI. At the same time application of the specified criteria allows to prevent or reduce number of defects of medical care / violations at rendering medical care, and also number of defects of registration of primary medical documentation

    Authors: Piven D. V. [59] Kitsul I. S. [59] Ivanov I. V. [30]

    Tags: control of the quality of medical care1 examination of the quality of medical care4 mandatory health insurance5 medical care13 medical organization53 quality assessment criteria1

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  • Management in healthcare
  • Interaction tools between participants in medical insurance for improving medical care for patients with cancer

    The article describes the difficulties between all participants in health insurance in the provision of specialized medical care to patients with oncological diseases. Algorithms for interaction of the oncological dispensary, medical organizations, providing primary health care, insurance medical organizations and the Territorial Fund of Mandatory Medical Insurance proposed on the example of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Rules for interaction of participants in medical insurance for informational support of insured persons with newly diagnosed oncological diseases and during oncoscreening process have been developed and implemented

    Authors: Modestov A. A. [1] Slepov E. V. [1] Yamschikov A. S. [1]

    Tags: insurance attorneys1 malignant neoplasms5 oncoscreening1 participants in medical insurance1 specialized medical care2

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  • Comparative characteristic of victims in road transport accidents in the arctical zone of the arkhangelsk region depending on the alcohol factor

    Road traffic trauma nowadays remains an urgent medical and socio-economic problem in Russian Federation. For the purpose of comparative analysis of characteristics in groups of victims with alcohol intoxication in road accidents that occurred in the Arctic zone of the Arkhangelsk region, a continuous, analytical, population study was conducted – documentary observation. A sample of 518 medical cards (f.003/у) of victims in road traffic accidents, who received medical care in hospitals, was analyzed in Severodvinsk from 2012 to 2016. It was found that up to 30% of injured in accidents were in a state of alcohol intoxication; young men predominated among victims, and severe concomitant trauma predominated in the structure of all injuries. The results of the research may be in demand in the development of regional programs to prevent and reduce the number of accidents and prevention of road traffic trauma

    Authors: Menshikova L. I. [6] Petchin I. V. [1] Baranov A. V. [1] Barachevskiy Y. E. [1] Klyuchevsky V. V. [1] Modyanov N. Y. [1]

    Tags: alcohol intoxication1 arctic zone1 arkhangelsk region4 injury severity1 traffic accident1

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  • Logistics of medicines as the point of optimization of costs of the medical organizations

    This article examines 3 main types of schemes for the supply of drugs in healthcare organizations. The advantages and disadvantages of each scheme are described. Based on practical experience of using various types of schemes in the Clinical center of the Federal STATE First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov of the Russian Ministry of health shows the economic and organizational advantages of the centralized inventory management scheme

    Authors: Gaidukov [1] A. A. [1] Zhupanova D. B. [1] Rebrov E. L. [1] Kuznetsova S. G. [1]

    Tags: comparative analysis1 drug2 economic efficiency7 medical organizations23 support schemes1

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  • Multivariate statistical analysis by the example of transport accidents

    Modern methods of multivariate analysis allow to perform in-depth analysis on statistical data. The proposed method of multivariate analysis examines the formation of the array using the algorithm of generalized assessment of health indicators. It is possible to build and further analyze a mathematical model using an algebraic model of constructive logic. Using the proposed method, the analysis of mortality in the result of accidents in transport. This allows you to rank indicators lethality in the regions of the country and highlight the most problematic regions. The partial significance of the analyzed factors is shown. It provides analytical approach to the epidemiology of mortality in transport in different regions of the country

    Authors: Khromushin V. A [1] Lastovetsky A. G. [1] Kitanina K. Yu [1] Ayvazyan A. G. [1]

    Tags: analysis2 health indicators1 mathematical model1 mortality21

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  • Marketing in health care
  • Corporate brand as a method of increasing the competitiveness of a non-governmental healthcare system

    The article identifies the concepts of brand, corporate brand and branding, problems and methods of using the brand in medical organizations. The results of the conducted research and analysis of efficiency, evaluation of intangible components and values of the corporate brand are presented. The directions of marketing work for increasing competition in the institutions of the non-state healthcare system are suggested. The need to create a single corporate brand for the entire national healthcare system is highlighted

    Authors: Solovyova U. A. [1] Novikov M. S. [2]

    Tags: brand1 branding1 competitiveness2 corporate brand1 marketing events1 non-governmental medical organization1

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  • Assessment of financial flows and expenditures in HIV/AIDS infection in Tajikistan

    In Tajikistan, despite the measures taken, there are still problems in reducing the spread of the epi-demic and covering the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment measures related to HIV/ IDS financing. Development of measures to ensure long-term financing of national programs and strategies related to HIV/AIDS response. The need to finance HIV/AIDS programs in the long term until 2020 was developed on the basis of a mathematical model for assessing the epidemic’s development and forecasting. Based on the mathematical model, assessing the development of the HIV/AIDS epidemic shows that in the case of sufficient financing of all basic services within a budget of $129 million for the period until the end of 2020, about 8,360 new cases of infection and the preservation of 101,700 DALYs. Sufficient funding for all basic services related to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS will effectively achieve the goal of preventing the further spread of the HIV / AIDS epidemic by 2030

    Authors: Ruziev M. M. [1] Bondarev I. S. [1] Sleep I. M. [1] Raupov F. O [1] Daburov K. N. [1]

    Tags: assessment epidemic1 countermeasures programs1 effectiveness5 epidemic1 financing13 hiv/aids1 mathematical models2 national hiv/aids response1

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  • Special opinion
  • Principles of interaction of the insurance representative of the third level, public and patient organizations

    Authors: Starchenko A. A. Comares Yu. N. [1]

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  • Manager of healthcare consults
  • The sources of financial provision of rendering emergency medical care

    Free provision of emergency medical care is provided by the legislation. This requires a clear definition of the source of cost recovery for medical organizations that provide this assistance, In a particular situation, how¬ever, there are often situations where law enforcement officials refuse to pay for emergency assistance provided to their employees, referring to the above-mentioned legislative requirement. Many problems in the provision of emergency arises in the system of compulsory health insurance. Payment for emergency medical care rendered in excess of the approved amounts remains an unresolved problem. The problem of compensation for emergency assistance to uninsured citizens is not settled either. These problems are especially urgent for private medical organizations

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123] Sorokinа Yu. А. [1]

    Tags: compulsory health insurance17 contracts for the provision of medical care1 financial support of medical care1 health care24 medical care in emergency form1 paid medical services22

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions  answered  by  PhD  of  Economic  F.N.  Kadyrov

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

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