Manager Zdravoochranenia 2016 #3

Published: 2016-03-20



    Management in health care
  • Primary Health care. Medical Network organization features and staff provision

    Annotation. Changes of Medical organizations network, providing ambulatory treatment, were studied, for past 10 years. In addition, trends of manning tables formation in outpatient clinic were analyzed, as well as population provision by district doctors (uchastkoviy doctor) and general doctors. The analysis of main indicators of doctors’ activities in medical organizations, providing ambulatory treatment, is provided.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Senenko A. S. [4] Kupeeva I. A. [7] Starodubov V. I. [40] Skvirskaya G. P. [5] Gazheva A. V. [6]

    Tags: district doctor1 general doctor1 medical organizations23 outpatient clinic1 primary health care19 providing ambulatory treatment1 regular appointment1 visiting doctor1

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  • Provision of medical rehabilitation care for the population of Russian Federation on an outpatient basis

    Annotation. Demographic changes in the direction of increasing of older age groups in the population structure, chronicity diseases, disability height, high premature mortality from chronic non-communicable diseases and due to this enormous economic damage to the national economy of the country pose the problem of organizing measures of effective medical rehabilitation of patients to the category modern Russian health priority issues. The results of analysis of medical institutions and professionals activities, that provide assistance for medical rehabilitation in outpatient settings, indicate that there is a low level of cabinets and experts providing assistance on medical rehabilitation in Russia. The low number of visits to the professionals of all profiles in combination with a high coefficient of combining and low understaffing, indicates lack of sending patients for this type of restorative treatment, that is unfairly against a background of increased morbidity, especially chronic and disabling forms of diseases. This, in turn, shows the lack of organizational and legal forms of regulating the flow of patients from the active treatment to the rehabilitation, that leads to the dissatisfaction of the population need for this type of care. The structural analysis of the situation and identify unsolved problems so far give us basis for looking for priority actions for the development of provided medical rehabilitation on an outpatient basis – a necessary condition for the implementation of medical and social functions of the state to preserve and strengthen health of the population.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Evdakov V. A. [6] Banteva M. N. [9] Kuznetsova V. P. [2]

    Tags: chiropractic1 manual therapy1 medical rehabilitation9 physiotherapy1 provision with doctors for medical rehabilitation1 rehabilitation treatment1

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  • Analysis of the efficiency of the use of hospital beds in the hospital urology department

    Annotation. The article presents the results of the examination of the validity of hospitalization in the urology department of City Clinical Hospital (CCH) in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Carrying out of examination the validity of hospitalization in the urology department of the hospital showed that there had been excessive periods of treatment in 22% of patients. Share unreasonably executed patient days was 15.8%. Of the total number of bed days saved the largest part of the final period of treatment (37.3%), almost the same amount for an initial period (41.7%) and 21.0% – for the period of active treatment of the patient. Calculate the economic effect of follow-up care of patients in day hospital (DS).

    Authors: Kalininskaya A. A. [15] Mashin A. G. [1]

    Tags: day hospital4 examination1 follow-up care1 hospital patients1 length of stay2 number of beds1 treatment stages1

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  • Organization of preventive care in the health center medical institutions without an attached population in modern conditions

    A structural-functional model of the health center’s medical institutions without an attached population adapted to in modern conditions. It can improve the effectiveness of the promotion of preventive health services center and the quality of services at the health center.

    Authors: Naydenova N. E. [1]

    Tags: health centers2 improvement activities1 risk factors for noncommunicable diseases1 structural and functional business model1

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  • Technology management
  • The level provision with diagnostic equipment in medical organisations, offering medical aid in ambulant conditions

    Annotation. Shift to the provision of medical care in the outpatient setting updates the analysis of the provision of medical equipment and the loading it in the outpatient departments. Condition of medical devices for preventive screening equipment for computer and magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics studied using official reporting statistic data. The technical condition of the buildings outpatient departments was analizing too. Identified the shortages of equipment for mammography, the suboptimal using of the equipment for screening of the chest. The expediency of the certification of health care organizations recommended, as well as the revision of standards studies using computed tomography. A path to optimizing the load on the diagnostic equipment proposed.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Senenko A. S. [4] Leonov S. A. [14] Skvirskaya G. P. [5] Gazheva A. V. [6] Sterlikov S. A. [7] Bilalov F. S. [3]

    Tags: ct and mri scans1 health organizations providing assistance to the population in an outpatient setting1 medical equipment3 preventive screening1 technical condition of buildings of medical departments1 ultrasound diagnostic equipment1

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  • Special opinion
  • Independent medical expertise in Russia: a still-born child?!

    Authors: Starchenko A. A. [34]

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • New requirements to remuneration pay of executives in State and Municipal organisations (institutions)

    The Russian Ministry of Labour prepared a legislation bill on changing requirements for remuneration pay of executives of main types of state (municipal) organisations. Suggested changes in the labour legislation are essentially directed towards withholding remuneration and pay-outs to executives of state (municipal) organisations and institutions. They do not contain any principally new statements; however, toughen control over remuneration payouts to not only executives, but deputies, and chief finance officers (accountant). These measures are relevant to a whole plethora of other organisational-legal forms of state and municipal organisations, including state corporations, which paid their executives salaries that have raised a lot of questions among the public for a long time.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [122]

    Tags: criteria for activity evaluation1 effective contract13 executives pay1 incentive system2 labour legislation3 remuneration pay1 state (municipal) healthcare organisations1

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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