Manager Zdravoochranenia 2013 #12

Published: 2013-12-13



    Management in health care
  • Some problems of implementation of the Federal law of the Russian Federation dated November 21, 2011 № 323-FZ «On fundamentals of protection of the health of citizens in the Russian Federation » (Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Continuing Education, Irkutsk, Russia)

    Annotation. The article proves the necessity to introduce amendments to the Federal law of the Russian Federation dated November 21, 2011 № 323-FZ «On fundamentals of protection of the health of citizens in the Russian Federation». These amendments relate both to clarify used in the law of the conceptual apparatus and concretization of the mechanisms for the implementation of patients rights in receiving medical care.

    Authors: Piven D. V. [59] Kitsul I. S. [59]

    Tags: health care24 local normative acts1 patient rights3 priority of the interests of the patient1 quality and safety of medical care1

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  • Social-demographic processes and health care (Federal state budgetary establishment of a science Institute for socio-economic studies population RAS, (ISESP RAS), Moscow, Russia)

    Questions of a social inequality concerning health are considered. The importance of problems of maintenance in the Russian Federation validity of a financial payment on public health services is discussed. It is offered to fix legislatively principles of formation of a ratio of the basic parameters of the State expenditure on public health services depending on public revenues at federal, regional levels.

    Authors: Katkova I. [1] Katkov V. [1]

    Tags: access to medical aid1 expenses7 health care24 regional level2 social inequality1

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  • New criteria of Birth: medical and demographical outcomes and organizational problems of obstetric services (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia)

    Annotation. The paper defines the characteristics of the obstetric services organization in modern conditions. In April 2012, Russia introduced new birth criteria — birth weight 500 grams and 22 weeks of gestation. According to this criteria termination of pregnancy at 22–27 weeks of gestation that used to be termed as «late abortion» before 2011 should be considered and registered as extremely premature birth starting April 2012. This reform has been accompanied by reorganization of outcomes of registered pregnancies — births and abortions as well as the number of births and deaths by body weight.

    Authors: Starodubov V. I. [40] Sukhanova L. . P. [1]

    Tags: abortion1 birth1 birth criteria1 extremely low birth weight neonates1 infant deaths1 perinatal mortality2 pregnancy outcome1 still birth1

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  • The analysis of regional features of mortality from diseases of system of blood circulation for an assessment of efficiency of programs of health care (Research Institute for Complex Problems of Cardiovascular Diseases, SB RAMS, Kemerovo, Russia)

    Annotation. Analysis results of mortality of the population of the Kemerovo region are given in article from diseases of system of blood circulation and its two main forms: coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases in the period of 2000–2011. For the purpose of separation of regional features the assessment of probability of death by calculation of the odds ratio and creation of their trends was carried out. Results of research testify that implementation of regional and federal programs on lowering of mortality from diseases of system of blood circulation allowed to achieve certain successes in improving of a demographic situation in Kuzbass. It concerns first of rates of mortality from diseases of system of blood circulation as a whole and from coronary heart disease.

    Authors: Artamonova G. V. [4] Cherkass N. V. [2] Barbarash L. S. [3] Maksimov S. A. [1]

    Tags: diseases of system of blood circulation1 efficiency10 health care program1 mortality21

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  • Pecularities of National Rules of blood transfusion (National medical and surgical center after N.I.Pirogov, Moscow, Russia)

    There has been evaluated a correspondance of Rules on usage of donor blood in clinic needs and/or its components with International standards, experience of other developed countries and Russian health care practice. It has been shown that Rules lack information on reaching national consensus opinion, the data on level of conclusiveness of several Rules with indication of publication source (as it is conducted in other developed countries). There has been noted a necessity in completing a serious correction of the Rules.

    Authors: Madzaev S. R. [4] Zhiburg E. B. [1]

    Tags: blood transfusion10 donor2 management of patient's blood1 recipient4

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  • Input normal of execution of state (municipal) assignment as an instrument of financial effectiveness rise (Krasnoyarsk City Administration, Russia).

    In the corresponding budget of the Russian Federation budget system there provided appropriation for execution of the assignment. The appropriation are allocated to institution as a subsidy for compensation of normative inputs connected with providing of state (municipal) services (caring out work) and maintenance of property. To determine proper value of subsidy for the fiscal year in turn it is necessary to rate the normals. In the article there considered the methods for determination of normative inputs of providing of state (municipal) services (caring out work) and normative inputs of property maintenance, there given practical examples.

    Authors: Shevchenko V. V. [4] Yamshikov A. S. [4]

    Tags: financial effectiveness4 state (municipal) assignment4 subsidy for compensation of normative inputs4

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  • Marketing in health care
  • Analysis of the target audience of medical organization (Baykal State University of Economics and Law; JSC «Doctor Bermental»; Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Continuing Education, Irkutsk, Russia)

    The article is dedicated to the marketing research's results of medical organization's target audience. This organization provides health care for overweight. As a result a «portrait» of a consumer was compiled, particularly, socio-demographic, behavioral and psychological characteristics of this consumer were explored. Also some alternative target groups were identified.

    Authors: Vinokurova A. M. [2] Pozdnyakov P. A. [2] Kitzul I. S. [3]

    Tags: a target audience1 health care for overweight1 the consumer preferences1 the purchase motivation1

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  • Personnel management
  • Certification and recertification of physicians completed by doctor's community as a management instrument for upgrading the quality of medical aid: international experience and lessons for Russia (Scientific and Research Institute Higher school of Economics, Moscow, Russia)

    There has been considered an international experience on certification and recertification of physicians completed by doctor's community as a management instrument for upgrading the quality of medical aid.

    Authors: Tarasenko E. A. [2]

    Tags: certification and recertification of physicians1 licensing of physicians1 quality of medical aid2 self-regulatory non-profit state organizations of doctors1

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  • The directions to improve the admission office staffing in the medical institutions of the Moscow region (Moscow Regional Clinical and Research Institute (MONIKI) M.F. Vladimirsky, Moscow, Russia)

    Improvement of the admission office staffing in the Moscow Regional medical institutions like in the whole Russian Federation should be based on the principle of 1 physician per 215 patient beds used for planned hospitalization and 260 beds for urgent cases but no less than 1 daily post per medical department. Medical aid should correspond to these principles which should be differentiated according to the patient stream to admission offices working in planned, urgent regimes or with outpatients without further hospitalization.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [15] Plutnitsky A. N. [4] Kupeyeva I. A. [1] Frolova Yu. V. [1]

    Tags: emergency rooms1 medical organizations23 normatives2 personnel4

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • Forms of several documents, required for transition to efficient contract Consultant Phd. of Economic F.N. Kadirov

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  • Nominees
  • There were established traditional nominees of Publishing House «Manager of Health Care» for best publications in 2013 year

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Book shelf
  • Chinese research. Results of the most profound research conducted on relations between health and dieting

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  • Innovations and medicine

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  • Review of actual normative documents
  • Review of actual normative documents

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