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    Management in healthcare
  • 2019 № 9 Restructuring of a regional system of rendering stationary medical care on the basis of means of tool benchmarking

    In work approach to justification of management decisions on restructuring of a regional system of rendering stationary medical care with use of means of tool benchmarking is considered. Results of activity of hospitals were measured by calculation of an indicator of technical efficiency on the basis of a method of the analysis of the environment of functioning. Specialization of hospitals was measured by means of the index of the theory of information constructed on the basis of data on the clinic-statistical groups used in hospitals. The dependence between the index of specialization of hospitals and efficiency of activity of hospitals when rendering medical services on the basis of which a set of scenarios of restructuring of a regional system of rendering stationary medical care is formulated is revealed.

    Authors: Danilov A. V. [2]

    Tags: diagnosis related group1 efficiency indicators2 information theory index1 medical organizations23 scenarios of restructuring1

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  • Management in health care
  • 2016 № 9 Modern approaches to an estimation of efficiency and an assessment of quality of medical diagnostic researches

    Perfection of the medical diagnostic help, including its pre-hospital level, demands the working out and the realization of a series of measures on diagnostic interventions’ management and their quality assessment. The list of the common and specific indicators of efficiency of diagnostics is developed on the basis of the researches made and offered, modern approaches to quality management, carrying out of internal and external quality assurance are described, the problems demanding the decision for the further increase of efficiency and quality of medical diagnostics are defined.

    Authors: Son I. M. [39] Vyalkov A. I. [2] Skvirskaja G. P. [1] Serjogina I. F. [1] Bilalov F. K. [1]

    Tags: diagnostic researches1 efficiency indicators2 internal and external quality assessments1 medical1 quality control4 social and economic efficiency1

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