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    Management in health care
  • 2020 № 2 Improving the quality of organization and provision of medical care for children with injuries in order to reduce their disability

    Children’s disability is an urgent medical and social problem of modern society, one of the main characteristics
    of public health and social well-being of the country. This article provides additional data on the main trends in primary
    childhood disability, depending on the age and type of injury, type of injury and a damaging factor; presents a medium-
    term prognosis of primary childhood disability due to injuries for the Kursk region. The types of psychological status of a
    family with a child with an injury are determined, and their effect on the implementation of measures for its rehabilitation in
    various types of injuries is studied. The results obtained indicate the importance of an individual approach to each specific
    family with a child with an injury, and the need for work aimed at achieving optimal treatment outcomes and preventing
    the formation of disability. A scheme has been developed for the interaction of various organizations and departments
    involved in the prevention of childhood injuries and the comprehensive rehabilitation of children with the consequences of
    injuries. A scheme of the relationship between the types of rehabilitation and the level of adaptation (somatic, psychological,
    socio-environmental) of children with the consequences of injuries under the age of 12 years is proposed.

    Authors: Grishina N. K. [6] Gordova L. D. [1]

    Tags: childhood injuries1 children with disabilities1 disability5 prevention24 quality of organization and provision of medical care1

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