Manager Zdravoochranenia 2013 #9

Published: 2013-09-11



    Management in health care
  • Regarding several problems with evaluating salary income of medical employees (Samara State Medical University, Samara, Russia; TFOMS of Ryazan region, Ryazan, Russia)

    In 2013 it is planned to significantly increase amount of salary pays for medical employees. At the same time, there are a number of questions which are not resolved yet which relate to analysis of labor compensation in medical entities, as well as formation of payroll funds and salaries.

    Authors: Geht I. A. [17] Artemieva G. B. [12]

    Tags: payroll fund1 salaries4 salary pays for medical employees1

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  • Investment strategy to economic efficacy assessment of medical intervention (coronary artery bypass graft surgery) (Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Centre, Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    The studies of investment strategy as one of the methods of economic efficacy assessment of high-tech medical care (coronary artery bypass surgery, CABG), when medical care is considered to be an investment project (capital investment — is a high-tech medical care at the cost of R — into patient quality of life improvement) made possible future treatment cost reduction. The research has shown, that CABG is not only high clinical, but also cost effective economic medical intervention. Parameters of investment project efficacy were used to assess medical care cost-effectiveness. The result correlates with medical care value and patient life expectancy.

    Authors: Lubinskaya E. I. [1] Demchenko E. A. [1] Malinin A. M. [1]

    Tags: cost-effectiveness analysis3 high-tech medical care11 investment to quality of life improvement1

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  • From the principle of pay for the result-oriented work to the effective contract with MONIKI (Moscow Regional Clinical and Research Institute n.a. M.F. Vladimirsky (MONIKI), Moscow, Russia)

    An unceasing work is being carried out in MONIKI on studying different principles of pay for work depending on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of working results which are reflected in the labor (effective) contract of the employee. The closest direct connection between the basic and stimulating salaries of the hospital physicians and sisters was established using index which characterizes satisfaction of patients with treatment process, introduction of contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic methods into medical practice, and operative activity of surgeons. The strongest feed-back was revealed between medical staff salaries and postoperative complications, patients' complaints, penalty sanctions, and the mean duration of hospital treatment.

    Authors: Gurov A. N. [15] Kruglov Е. Е. [1] Kruglov S. E. [2]

    Tags: efficient contract9 medical entity1 principles1 salary2

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  • National and regional assessment of the use of diagnostic resources in the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

    The article examines the use of magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear diagnostic, endoscopic and functional diagnostics in public healthcare in Russia. Differences in availability of MRI diagnostic equipment, PET, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, Holter monitoring of ECG and blood pressure equipment among Russian region are discussed. Differences in the number of diagnostic tests performed (including difference in per capita numbers), and a significant difference in operating efficiency are observed and discussed.

    Authors: Sveschinsky M. L. [2]

    Tags: endoscopy2 magnetic resonance imaging2 management efficiency2 monitornig holter ecg and blood pressure application1 radionuclide diagnostics1 the regional differences1 the regions of the russian federation1

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  • Hr management
  • Employment of medical staff for provision of first medical aid in the frames of territorial programs of state guarantees (Region state organization of healthcare «Bureau of medical statistics », Tomsk, Russia)

    In connection with the improvement of the health care system of the Russian Federation become actual problems of efficiency of use of available human resources and their planning. The basis of the health care system is the program of state guarantees of providing free medical care to the population (Federal and under construction on the basis of it region programs), so it is of paramount importance staff planning for the implementation of the size of the program. In the article the author considers the experience of use of the races, the couple needs for medical personnel in the Tomsk region, according to the «Methodology of calculation of needs of the subjects of the Russian Federation for medical personnel», developed by FSBO «CSRIOIH» of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Shows the main advantages and complexity of the methodology, the authors make proposals for its improvement.

    Authors: Nesvetaylo N. Y. [1] Shibalkov I. P. [8]

    Tags: calculation1 demands1 medical staff7 methodology5 planning3

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  • Special opinion
  • New regulation on organizing and processing departmental quality control check and security of medical activity against formed departmental expert practice A.A. Starchenko

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  • Consults manager of health care
  • Recommendations on creation of formal relationship with employees while runningan efficient contract Consultant Phd. of Economic F.N. Kadirov, Reflection of actual health care problems in the work of state council Consultant Phd. of Economic F.N. Kadirov

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD. of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

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  • Technological management
  • Аrmstrong recommends: «overhead» solutions for health care

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  • Organizer
  • The First International Conference «Modern medical centers. Investments. Equipment. Staff»

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  • Anniversary
  • On 75-th Anniversary of Professor R.A. Galkin

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  • Review of actual normative documents
  • Review of actual normative documents

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