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    Management in health care
  • 2020 № 9 From patient-centered medicine to 4p-medicine: the semantic aspect of the trend

    The step-by-step guidelines for the formation, development and implementation of the direction defined as “patient-oriented medicine” in the scientific and practical segments of healthcare are presented. It reflects not only the historical aspect of
    this semantic plot, but also gives a characteristic of the diverse models of interaction between subjects – a doctor and a patient.
    The analysis of definitions of “patient-oriented medicine” in the framework of foreign and domestic scientific schools, as well as
    the analysis of the relationship of the pattern with the new concept of health care development – 4P-medicine is given. The structure of the 4R-medicine concept is characterized, the ideological implications of the prospects for its development are given. The legislative and organizational initiatives for the development of patient-oriented medicine are outlined.

    Authors: Yu. A. Ulyanov [1] E.  M. Zaripova [1] E.  N. Mingazova [1]

    Tags: 4p medicine3 client-centeredness1 development trend1 patient-centered medicine3 satisfaction with medical care3

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