Digital ecosystem of a medical organization
  • 2022 № 11 HIS as a buisiness platform of the digital ecosystem of medical care

    The article examines the concept of an ecosystem in the provision of medical services, formulates the features of the construction and application of ecosystems in healthcare. The article describes an approach to creating an ecosystem based on HIS. The study compares the views on the ecosystem of heads of medical organizations and software developers, determines the properties of the system-forming MIS and the requirements for its architecture.
    The purpose of the study is to consider the concept of an ecosystem in relation to healthcare, to analyze its role and opportunities for improving the quality and accessibility of medical care. Determine the components necessary to build such an ecosystem and their characteristics.
    Materials and methods. The relations between consumers and providers of medical care in the conditions of the changed paradigm of medical care are analyzed. A retrospective of the concept of an ecosystem was conducted and the proposals of business platforms in the IT services market at the present time were analyzed, the features of medical care ecosystems were highlighted. To determine the requirements for building ecosystems in healthcare, the experience of using IT in medicine and related fields, the experience of organizing a unified information space for healthcare subjects was analyzed.
    Results. The properties of business ecosystems are also inherent in medical care ecosystems with some features of the latter. The basis of such an ecosystem should be an IIA that has the following properties: support for cooperation, integrativity, adaptability, platform, complexity or completeness of functionality, the ability to work on different software and hardware platforms, openness. The architecture of a system-forming MIS should support three levels: the level of infrastructure, the level of transformation and the level of interaction.
    Findings. Service in the ecosystem of medical care for citizens means the ability to solve the whole range of health management tasks. For health care providers, participation in the ecosystem means creating prerequisites for generating sustainable income. The transition to ecosystems will create a new, future-oriented framework for medical care and scientific research. The transition to medical ecosystems will lead to the fact that the term “digital community” can be applied to healthcare in the near future.

    Authors: Mikheev A. E. [2]

    Tags: business platform1 ecosystem1 ecosystem of solutions1 medical information system7

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  • Strategic management
  • 2022 № 11 A service management strategy in the Hospital information system

    To determine the strategy of service management in medical institutions, the article discusses the basic concepts associated with services, gives goal-setting, defines the roles, properties and attributes of medical services, gives recommendations for managing services through the HIS.
    Service management is considered on the example of HIS Interin PROMIS Alpha (Interin Technologies, Moscow).
    P u r p o s e . Develop a strategy for managing medical services, define goals and objectives for managing services. Analyze the role of information technology in the implementation of medical services in the free market.
    M a t e r i a l s a n d m e t h o d s . Models for maintaining a catalog of medical services are analyzed. The experience of service management in medical institutions based on the existing regulatory framework has been studied. The characteristics of medical services that determine the features of their economic accounting are analyzed. The role of MIS in providing analytical and control tools, as well as mechanisms for configuring business processes is determined.
    R e s u l t s . The methodology and stages of transition to a centralized model of maintaining a catalog of medical services have been developed. The tools for managing the production of medical services are described.
    F i n d i n g s . The most effective production management strategy in the MO is a centralized (organizational and methodological) model based on a single catalog of medical services, the ability to perform which is evidence of the maturity of the organization.

    Authors: Mikheev A. E. [2] Fokht O. A. [2] Khait I. L. [1]

    Tags: hospital information system3 medical service codifiers1 medical service management1 medical services5

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