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    Personnel management
  • 2020 № 3 Planning working time in the activities of heads of nursing services

    The article presents the results of the analysis of the practice of using working time by the heads of nursing services of outpatient medical organizations providing primary health care. The data obtained will help the chief and senior nurses of health organizations to optimize professional activities in the management of nursing personnel by improving the organization of work processes and increasing the effectiveness of nursing work. Given the fact that organizational problems that impede the rationalization of managerial work, identified during the study, are mostly universal, the proposed recommendations can be used in the management of managers – health managers of any level and profile of medical activity working in state and non-state medical organizations any legal form.

    Authors: T.  G.  Svetlichnaja [1] E.  A.  Smirnova [1] Z.  B.  Tasova [1] O.  D.  Poshekhonova [1]

    Tags: nurses5 nursing  managers1 planning3 time  management.1 working hours2

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  • Manager of health care consults
  • 2014 № 5 Challenges with labor compensation at the time of providing medical services within main working hours schedule (FSBI «Central scientific research institute of the organization and information of public health services Ministry of HealthCare of the Russian Federation», Moscow, Russia)

    Wide spread opinion on in admissibility of fee based medical services provision instate (municipal) organizations is not confirmed by requirements of normative documents. Moreover, in the number of cases, medical staff was obliged to provide fee based medical services within main working hours schedule. However, this sphere encounters objective normative which is necessary to take in to consideration. Simultaneously, it is important to follow strict rules on labor compensation of employees when they provide fee based medical services within the main hours schedule. Many of them are accurately written down in the Labor Codex.

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [108]

    Tags: additional payments1 combining professions (titles)1 fee based medical services1 incentive payouts2 increase of workflow volume1 labor compensation4 staff schedule2 working hours2

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