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    Management in health care
  • 2017 № 2 A three-tier model of management of large state dental Association

    Presents a three-level model of the system of management of large state dental Association built on the basis of a combination of linear-functional and divisional guidelines. The structure and specific mechanisms of functioning of the units strategic, tactical and operational levels, with a vertical subordination and the cycle: planning – implementation – control – improvement. A distinctive feature of the levels of strategic and tactical management is the addition of block execution solutions – branch network of enterprises, continuously operating educational level, including the effective management of School resources and School quality the quality management System of enterprises. Ring operational management includes all structural units of enterprises, data, indicators and operation parameters which come in a comprehensive system of weekly monitoring, forming a set of actual data about medical operation clinics enterprises, financial and economic condition of the clinic, the medical support materials, tools and medicine, repair, construction and engineering works. Analysis of the obtained data allows managers to quickly in the field if necessary to develop corrective solutions.

    Authors: Viktorov V. N. [3]

    Tags: management levels1 medical organization management system1 structure and governance arrangements1

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