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    Quality of health care management
  • 2016 № 5 About medical-social assessment quality of care in the economic crisis (methodological aspects)

    Review of modern methods of evaluation of quality of care revealed that all of them have vulnerabilities that are associated with the selective nature of the verification, and may not provide sufficient controllability of the process of medical care. The authors proposed a methodology for analyzing structures of patient flow as a whole. This technique allowed to get the natural characteristics of the quality of medical care without further examinations, and to provide technological rationing of medical care as a single process. Quantitative assessment of the frequency of hospitalizations was the reflection of the objective of the integrated assessment of corporate efforts of the medical staff organization to ensure management of quality.

    Authors: T. Yu. Bykovskaya [1] Lyashenko K. N. [1]

    Tags: integrated assessment of quality of care1 managerial competence1 patient flow1

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