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  • 2023 № 2 Analysis of the incidence of the population older than working age in the Russian Federation and its regional features.

    Objective assessment of the health status and medical care of the elderly in the context of progressive aging of the population is one of the leading health problems.
    Purpose of the study. Based on the analysis of the medical and demographic situation and the incidence of the population, as well as the results of our own research, to give recommendations on the health protection of the population older than working age.
    Research methods: statistical, sociological, expert assessments, direct observation. The forms of federal and sectoral statistical observation for 2018–2021 were analyzed. Results of sociological surveys of patients older than working age.
    Results. Over the 10 years of analysis (2012–2021), the overall incidence rate of the entire population in Russia increased by 4,5%, the adult population – by 8,2% and the working-age population – by 1.3%, in children and adolescents the indicators decreased by 8,8 and 4,7%. The overall incidence of the population older than working age in 2021 in the Russian Federation was 209164‰00, which is 1.2 times higher than the total population (167714‰00). The difference in the general morbidity rates of the population older than working age in the federal districts of the Russian Federation was 1.3 times, in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation 2.3 times. 2020, there is a significant decline in the overall incidence rate in all age groups, which is associated with the COVID‑19 pandemic. The first detected incidence of the population older than working age (in 2021) amounted to 66183,5 per 100 thousand of the corresponding population, which is lower than the total population by 22,6% (85531,6‰00). The population older than working age has significantly higher rates of newly diagnosed morbidity than the entire population in the classes: diseases of the circulatory system by 103%, the indicators were 6191,7‰00, 3048,3‰00, respectively; neoplasms (by 66%), musculoskeletal and connective tissue (by 16%) and diseases of the endocrine system, eating disorders and metabolic disorders (by 15,6%). The results of the study should be taken into account for planning the volume
    of preventive and dispensary work for people of older age groups. The article gives recommendations on the health protection of the population of pre-retirement and older working age using hospital-replacing technologies.

    Authors: Kalininskaya A. A. [15] Lazarev A. V. [6] Kizeev M. V. [6] Vasiliev M. D. [2] Smirnov A. A. [1]

    Tags: day hospital (ds)3 general morbidity4 health protection4 people older than working age2 primary morbidity5 regional peculiarities1 round-the clock stay hospital (skp)1

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  • 2019 № 7 Hospital replacement technologies in dermatovenereology

    The Program of State Guarantees provided for a decrease of almost 20% in the volume of inpatient care due to the development of hospital-substituting forms. The efficiency of day hospitals is higher than hospitals by 1.5–3 times, which is associated with work in 2 shifts. The economic effect of the activity of DS according to the results of research works of a number of authors reaches 70%.
    At the same time, the rate of introduction of day hospitals (DS) remains unreasonably low, and core day hospitals are not sufficiently developed, including in dermatology.
    The disadvantage of the healthcare system in Russia and dermatovenerologic care in particular is the lack of economic incentives in favor of choosing less expensive technologies, their parameters are shifted towards hospital provision. Over the past decade, the numberof research papers on the activities of CPs has significantly decreased, an economic financing mechanismhas not been developed that stimulates the development of these forms of work.

    Authors: Merekina M. D. [3]

    Tags: beds3 day hospital (ds)3 diseases3 medical organizations providing medical care in a hospital setting (mos)1 medical organizations providing medical care in an outpatient setting (moau)1 patient13 terms of treatment1

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  • 2020 № 5 Analysis of the activities of a multidisciplinary day hospital in a city

    In the article, based on literature sources, analysis of reporting data on the activities of medical organizations providing inpatient care (MOSU) and medical organizations providing outpatient care (MOAU), as well as studying work experience in a number of territories of the Russian Federation, the tasks are shown, organizational forms of work, medical and economic feasibility of organizing day hospitals. The experience and performance indicators of the patient care center based on the outpatient department of the city clinical hospital are presented. The medical and social efficiency of the work of the homestead and the possible economic effect of the organization of the homestead are estimated.

    Authors: A.  A.  Kalininskaya [1] M.  D.  Merekina [1]

    Tags: beds3 day hospital (ds)3 diseases3 medical organizations providing inpatient care (mosu)1 medical organizations providing outpatient care (moau)1 patient13 treatment periods1

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