Manager Zdravoochranenia 2018 #6

Published: 2018-06-07



    Management in healthcare
  • Contribution of the Russian Federation subjects to the total population overall incidence Levels Formation in 2010-2016 years

    The analysis results of the RF total population overall incidence by federal districts in 2010-2016, which allows to appreciate contribution of every RF federation district to the population overall incidence level formation on the nationwide scale, are presented in this work. The factors affecting to the formation of indicators of the RF total population overall incidence have been considered

    Authors: Son I. M. [41] Leonov S. A. [14] Savina A. A. [2]

    Tags: incidence rates2 overall incidence1 rate of increase1 statistical indicators analysis1 the russian federation (rf) federal district1

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  • The role of injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes of mortality in the population of the Russian Federation

    The most significant dynamics of mortality reduction among the main classes is noted from external causes, according to the Russian Federation, the indicator decreased in 2017, in comparison with 2006, twice. Injuries, poisonings and some other consequences of external causes are related to «manageable» causes of mortality and are not only an important indicator of health care, but also the state of the economy and society as a whole. Despite such a significant decline, the mortality from external causes is on indicators that are 2–5 times higher than those of economically developed and developing countries. The greatest contribution to the reduction of mortality from external causes was achieved, first of all, due to road traffic injuries, as well as through injuries, the provision of medical care in which was carried out in a three-level system of trauma centers. A significant proportion in the structure of mortality from external causes is due to acute poisoning. The example of the Chelyabinsk region shows an increase in mortality from drug poisoning, including synthetic origin. The received data testify to the need to take measures aimed at further optimization of the three-level system of trauma centers, as well as the formation of a system for providing medical care for poisoning, including the organization of acute poisoning centers

    Authors: Shishkin E. V. [5] Shchepin V. O. [5]

    Tags: accidents1 alcohol1 diseases of the circulatory system2 drug poisoning1 external causes3 injuries3 oncological diseases4 poisoning2

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  • Medical care quality management system in public health institutions providing oncohaematological aid. Basic principles of functioning, implementation stages and assessment of efficiency

    The basic principles of structuring and functioning of the medical-care quality management system have been developed with regard for the specificity of haematological aid, including a complex of criteria allowing to assess in general the quality of its provision in terms of process and results, and to evaluate it from the quantitative point of view, as concerns the operation of the haematological service of the region on the whole. Stepwise intro¬duction of the quality management system elements in the operation of the public health institutions of haematological profile has been suggested; the implementation stages have been characterized; the efficiency of the quality management system in the domain of haematological aid has been shown, based on the results of follow-up expert evaluation (the indicator of efficiency of the oncohaematological aid in the outpatient setting has increased by 50%, in the inpatient setting – by 20.9%).

    Authors: Zhiguleva L. Yu. [1]

    Tags: expert assessment2 haematological aid1 management efficiency2 medical care quality management system1 quality criteria1

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  • Personnel management
  • Accreditation of graduates of medical faculty – sports questions

    Currently in our country there is an active process of replacing the procedure for certification of graduates of higher medical institutions, and in the future and specialists for accreditation. Accreditation assumes a serious change in the entire system of training and upgrading the qualification of medical workers in order to achieve modern world requirements for medical professionals. It is accreditation that determines the applicant’s compliance with the requirements presented for the implementation of independent medical and pharmaceutical activities. The authors, as active participants in the first accreditation of the graduates of the medical faculty, express some thoughts on the conduct of this procedure and the provisions set forth in the normative documents

    Authors: Gorbachev V. I. [4] Netesin E. S. [2] Antipina L. G. [2]

    Tags: accreditation4 medical faculty1 medical university1 station1

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  • Social aspects of health
  • Social significance of the use of medicines according to actual scientific data

    Research rationale. The results of legislative changes in a healthcare system are reflected in social consequences based on indicators of achieving the treatment goals and the outcomes of diseases and, ultimately, the number of demographic and economic indicators. The scientific approach based on the data of high quality clinical, epidemiological, economical, and sociological researches is a tool to make a decision on the use of medicines that is implemented via normative documents. The urgent objective is to upgrade and harmonize these documents timely on the base of modern scientific achievements in order to obtain the most possible social outcome of pharmacotherapy of diseases.

    Goal. To demonstrate social importance of the scientific approach to implementation of normative documents in the field of the use of medicines by the example of pharmacotherapy of various pathological conditions of high social significance.
    Research methods. The general research methods (content-analysis, synthesis, generalization, formalization, etc) and the methods of comparative analysis are used. The current national and foreign normative documents, which regulate the use of medicines, were analyzed. Also analyzed are scientific publications in e-Library, Pubmed, Cochrane Library, Сlinicaltrials, Scopus databases and sites of biomedical journals on key queries reflecting the research topics.

    Results. Results of implementation of the global programs on improving the efficiency of medicines use and the prospect proposals are presented by the authors of the article. These results will promote advancement of the normative documents which regulate the use of medicines, such as clinical recommendations, standards of medical care, manuals and guidelines on socially significant diseases treatment.

    Conclusions. Translation of the relevant research data into a real clinical practice through improving the normative documents makes it possible to use fully the scientific outcomes for the benefit of population health in the country that brings health, social, and economic results.
    Timely updating the normative documents in the field of the use of medicines is possible on the base of scientific analysis of current normative documents and publication on the outcomes of qualitative clinical researches with using the methodology for complex medicines assessment and, more generally, methodology for health technology assessment (HTA).
    Organizational process of updating the normative documents can be carried out at various levels: national, regional, and local; while the local level provides more rapid implementation of the innovations in medical practice

    Authors: Kaygorodova T. V. [2] Efremova T. A. [2] Korobov N. V. [2] Korsunskiy A. A. [1] Loshakov L. A. [2]

    Tags: burden of disease1 clinical recommendations3 effectiveness of pharmacotherapy2 evidence-based medi¬cine2 health technology assessment (hta)1 relevance of normative documents1 social importance of pharmacotherapy1 standards of medical care5 translation of scientific data1

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  • Medical science
  • The Development of post-genomic technologies in the Russian Federation: barriers and risks

    The risks of implementation of the complex scientific and technological program “Postgenomic technolo¬gies: from genetic editing to synthetic biology” in the Russian Federation are Considered. As barriers for the full life cycle projects related to genomic editing technologies, the following are highlighted: lack of a sufficient number of personnel, low competitiveness of domestic scientific and technological reserves, lack of modern instrument base, lack of industrial partners, as well as problems of legal regulation of genetic engineering in the Russian Federation. The analysis of the global competitive landscape in the field of genomic editing technologies is carried out

    Authors: Kurakova N. G. [15] Tsvetkova L. А. [10] Petrov А. N. [2]

    Tags: barriers1 competitive landscape1 complex scientific and technological program1 genomic editing1 implementation2 risks2 russian federation3

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  • It management
  • The effectiveness of the model of the integrated information support of the process of providing medical care to patients of trauma and orthopedic surgery

    In the article the questions of application of information technology in the practice of specialized medical institutions traumatologic and orthopedic surgery. The model integrated information support that solves specific business challenges: improving quality of health care, reducing costs and generally improving efficiency in general

    Authors: Andreyeva V. E. [1]

    Tags: effectiveness of information systems implementation1 information resources in health care1 medical information systems11 medical records1

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  • Questions and answers
  • Questions answered by PhD of Economic F.N. Kadyrov

    Authors: Kadyrov F. N. [123]

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