Medical information systems
  • 2018 № 3 The creation of an electronic health system positions

    The authors offer proven methods and approaches that can be useful in the implementation of the state project “E-health”. Suggestions based on knowledge and accumulated years of experience in the design, implementation, operation and scientific informational support of healthcare management at the level of major industrial city ACS “Gorzdrav”, for over a thirty year period. The authors emphasize the global nature of the project to create e-health systems, bringing together all the stakeholders and participants of the sphere of health protection. This can be implemented using a systematic approach and the preparation of the relevant design and estimate documentation, taking into account the existing standards approved at the Federal level

    Authors: Chechenin G. I. [2] Zhilina N. M. [1] Yakusheva O. N. [1]

    Tags: continuity and efficiency1 design1 health protection system1 medical information systems9 system approach1 target installations1

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