Medical information systems
  • 2020 № 4 Web Application “Congenital Malformations”: Program Effectiveness Evaluation Based on Feedback

    Currently, Internet resources are widely used in medical education, becoming one of the key tools of e-learning. We
    have developed a web application for congenital malformations and anomalies for medical students as an additional tool for self-learning. The web application contains two components: multimedia descriptions of congenital malformations, including images, animations, videos and interactive graphical tests; and the knowledge control module. It is important to evaluate effectiveness of web application and to improve the quality of the resources. We sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a web application by analyzing user knowledge dynamics and use the information to improve content. The anonymous testing involved 260 users – doctors, medical students and teachers. Using the longitudinal method of the study, we analyzed the dynamics of the group-averaged rate of correct responses after repeated testing attempts. The results showed differences in the initial level of knowledge of users, and the results of medical students’ tests in dynamics were improved more than the results of doctors.
    The initial value of the percentage of correct responses to the control questions and the growth dynamics of this indicator after repeated attempts are important indicators for assessing the usefulness of a particular question. For developers, this information, based on objective indicators, has proved useful for improving the educational resource.

    Authors: Putintsev A. N. [1] Voinova V. Yu. [1] Demikova N. S. [1] Lapina A. S. [1]

    Tags: congenital malformations1 e-learning2 effectiveness1 knowledge level1 multimedia1

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