Information management
  • 2021 № 1 Development of e-health as a mechanism for increasing labor productivity of midwifery specialists

    E-health is technologies that allow bringing medical services closer to patients in accordance with the objectives
    of state policy to level the staff shortage and remoteness of medical centers in rural areas. The established factors
    that reduce the quality of working life by the example of a survey of 248 midwifery specialists working in rural areas were characterized by the territorial proximity of a medical organization to home (70.1 ± 5.8%), identified the 5th rank place in the structure of measures to increase satisfaction with the quality of work, creation of a unified information environment. Analysis of modern literature has revealed the main aspects of the need and benefits of introducing e-health, such as accessibility, acceptability and quality.

    Authors: Volodin A. V. [1]

    Tags: e-health3 midwifery specialists1 rural health1

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