Regional informatizatian projects
  • 2017 № 1 Infrastructure health informatization Tula region.

    The experience of development the Regional Medical Information System is analyzed as an example RMIS Tulsa region. The aims of implementation works are substantiated on the development of components of the system, the tasks are formulated standing before the RMIS, three-unit architecture RMIS is offered like a structure that best matches the aims, principles of functioning and tasks the RMIS. Statistical data about intermediate results of implementation the RMIS are analyzed, that showing correctness made decisions on designing and realization the RMIS. The variant of staffing the RMIS is offered.

    Authors: Privalov A. N. [1] Dumchev S. V. [1] Kelman. Т. V. [1]

    Tags: electronic medical records2 healthcare informatization4 regional medical information system1

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