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a complaint1 a mathematical model of the diagnostic and treatment process1 a virtual clinic1 accreditation process1 acute accidents ofcerebrovascular system1 acute cerebrovascular accident1 acute disorder of a cerebral circulation1 acute pancreatitis1 adenomiosis1 adherence1 administration1 admission department1 agile1 agile project management approaches1 alcohol1 algorithm1 alternative forms of payment1 an independent assessment of the quality of medical services1 analytical registry1 angiostenting1 animation1 annual report of medical statistics1 annual reports of medical statistics2 anonymization1 application1 application server1 appointment to the doctor1 arima1 arrangement1 artificial neural network1 artificial intelligence4 artificial neural networks2 asmi system1 assessment of the quality of medical care1 associative rules1 atrificial neuron nets1 automated control system1 automated system1 automation1 automation of diagnostics1 automatization1


bacterioscopy1 base of observations1 benchmarking1 beta-distribution lithotripsy duration1 bfb1 bi2 billing1 billing system1 bio-sensory devices1 biofeedback1 bioinformatics2 blockchain1 blood test1 bone systems1 business process1 business process modeling1 business process modelling1 business process models1 business process optimization1 business processes2 business-agility1


cardiovascular desease1 cardiovascular disease1 cardiovascular diseases1 carotid endarterectomy1 case study1 case-based reasoning1 causal patient model1 central clinical hospital of the federal customs service of russia1 certainty factor1 certification of vascular centers1 children1 choice of alternative medication1 choice of alternative treatment1 cholecystitis1 classification1 classification of risks of the use of medical devices1 classification of the telemedicine services1 classification trees1 clinic1 clinical decision support system1 clinical diagnostic task1 clinical document architecture1 clinical transfusiology1 cloud environment1 common information space1 companies-drivers1 competitiveness2 complex event processing1 compliance1 components of donor blood1 compulsory medical insurance1 computer databases1 conclusion of ultrasound study1 congenital abnormalities1 continuity and efficiency1 continuous medical education1 control1 cost accounting1 cost allocation1 cost center1 cost of medical services1 cost-cutting1 craniocerebral trauma2 criteria for level of use1 criterion1


data analisys1 data analysis1 data base1 data exchange1 data management1 data mining5 data protection1 database2 databases1 datamart1 dbms1 decision rule1 decision support1 decision support system1 decision-making support systems1 decomposition1 depersonalization of personal data1 deployment project1 dermatovenereology1 design1 development forecast1 dh1 diabetes1 diabetes mellitus1 diagnosis1 diagnosis of drug addiction1 diagnostic and treatment process3 diagnostic automation1 diagnostic machine1 diagnostics of pulmonary tuberculosis1 diary of self-checking1 dicom2 difficult tracheal intubation1 digital economy2 digital health2 digital health care1 digital model1 digitization1 disability1 diseases of the blood circulatory system1 dissatisfaction with the primary health care1 distance learning2 distant peer-review1 dmss1 doctor1 document management1 documentation1 domination intervals1 drug ontology (dron)1 drug-induced liver injury1 dss2


e-health4 e-learning1 economic analysis of activities1 ecosystem1 effectiveness of informatization1 effectiveness of inpatient care1 effects of the introduction of electronic medical records1 efficiency3 efficiency criteria1 egis1 egisz1 ehealth3 ehr1 electronic medical archive2 electronic document management2 electronic health record4 electronic health record (ehr)1 electronic health records1 electronic learning resources1 electronic medical document2 electronic medical record3 electronic medical record (emr)1 electronic medical records2 electronic personal medical record1 electronic signature1 emergency department’s admission point1 emergency medical care1 emergency medicine1 endocrinology1 enterprise nervous system1 estimating1 evaluation of implementation1 evaluation of medical technologies1 event processing network1 exchange standards of medical data and electronic documents1 expert system1 expert systems3 experts systems1 external performers1


feedback technologies1 flexsim healthcare1 forecasting2 forensic-psychiatric examination1 formalization1 formation mechanisms and principles1 formular system1 functional requirements1 functional model of the rehabilitation process1 fuzzy expert systems1 fuzzy inference1 fuzzy logic2 fuzzy rule-based systems and models1 fuzzy rules inference1 fuzzy sets1


galen ontology1 gene ontology (go)1


health care2 health care ecosystem1 health care information system1 health center1 health informatics2 health information2 health informatization2 health insurance organizations (hios)1 health protection system1 health services organization & administration1 healthcare6 healthcare automation3 healthcare facility2 healthcare information system10 healthcare information systems1 healthcare information technologies2 healthcare informatization2 healthcare informatizaton2 healthcare institution1 healthcare organization3 healthcare quality information system1 healthcare system informatization4 hemodialysis1 hemotransfusion1 hepatic failure1 hidden regularities1 his2 home hospital1 hospital adverse events1 hospital branches1 hospital informatics system1 hospital information system7 hqis1 hypertext1


icf1 identification bracelet1 image analysis1 image segmentation1 import substitution1 increase adherence1 inflammatory complications1 informa- tive parameters1 information aggregator1 information and analytical system2 information base for continuing professional education1 information environment of the medical organization1 information resources2 information security3 information security incidents1 information security threats1 information support of healthcare organization2 information system3 information systems and technology in health care1 information systems in health care1 information technologies4 information technologies in medicine1 information technology2 informative system1 informatization1 innovations & innovation management1 integral evaluation of the level of informatization1 integrated electronic health record3 integrated history1 integration2 intellectual information and analytical system1 intellectual information systems1 intellectual system1 intelligent decision supports system1 interin1 interin promis1 interin promis alpha1 internal quality control1 international classification of functioning1 international patient safety goals1 internet1 internet of things1 iso 136061 it platform3 iver failure1


key words telemedicine systems1 knowledge base2 knowledge domain1 knowledge representation language1 kulbak method1


large data sets1 large hospital1 laser contact lithotripsy1 learning electronic health record1 learning electronic patient record1 legal value1 legislation1 legislative control1 leukocyte formula1 limb amputation1 linguistic scale1 lis3 long‐term medical program1


machine learning4 magnetic resonance imaging1 mammography1 management2 management accounting1 management and accounting1 management decision support systems1 management information systems2 mathematic modeling1 mathematical algorithms1 mathematical modeling1 mathematical models1 matrix aggregate calculator (mac)1 maximus1 medical aid ecosystem2 medical organization efficiency2 medical and economic control1 medical and preventive treatment facility1 medical and sanitary part1 medical and social assessment1 medical care quality1 medical decision support system3 medical decisions support systems1 medical device1 medical devices1 medical diagnostic1 medical document flow1 medical expert system1 medical imaging2 medical informatics4 medical information and analysis center1 medical information system13 medical information system (mis)1 medical information system of healthcare organization1 medical information systems8 medical insurance1 medical intelligent systems1 medical means1 medical ontologies1 medical organi- zation1 medical organization5 medical rehabilitation1 medical rehabilitation information system1 medical services1 medical software testing1 medical specialists2 medical statistics5 medicinal provision1 medicine4 medicines1 mesenchymal stem cells1 meta-analysis1 meta-ontolo- gies1 method1 method of active contours1 methodology1 methodology for selection1 methodology of automation.1 methods of optimal partitioning1 migration paths1 mobile ecosystem medicine1 mobile application1 mobile applications1 mobile medicine1 model1 modeling1 monitoring2 mortality1 multi-agent systems1 multicomponent mechanism2 multilayer perceptron1 multiple drug resistance of mycobacteria1 multiset1


naiv bayes classificatory1 national clinical guidelines1 national standard1 nefrosovet1 nephrology2 network model1 neural networks6 neurology1 neuron network1 new management effectiveness assessment1 new technology of information systems development1 nomenclature of medical services1 normative documents1 not-factors1 nuclear collections1 number of mistakes missed1 numerical values of parameters1


object1 object identifier (oid)1 obstetric and gynecological care1 olap1 oncology2 ontology2 ontology web language1 optimization of activities1 organic lesion of a brain1 organization of high-technology medical assistance1 organization of the care medical1 organizational telemedicine1 orphan (rare) lung disease1 out-patient hospital1 outpatient hospital1


pacs2 pancreas1 pancreatitis1 patent activity1 patent analysis2 pathological processes1 patient2 patient identification1 patient summary1 penal system1 peptic ulcer1 peritonitis1 personal data depersonalization1 personal health record (phr)1 personal record-keeping1 personal telemedicine1 personalized medicine2 pharmaceutical organization1 planned hospitalization of patients1 platform1 portable medical devices1 portrait method1 postoperative complications1 predicting1 prediction1 preferential medicinal maintenance1 prevented economic damage1 prevention1 price determination1 pricing1 primary care2 process2 process approach2 process control center1 process optimization1 professional competence and labour functions1 professional education1 prognosis1 program complex for clinical decision support1 project management1 project «golden thousand» russian index of scientific citation1 promising areas of implementation1 prophylaxis1 prophylaxis of a stroke1 prostate cancer1 protection of personal data3 pseudonymization1 psychiatric patients1 psychiatry1 public health2 public health digital transformation1 public health legislation1 public health services information1 public health system1 pulmonary tuberculosis1 pulmonology1


qaly indicator1 quality1 quality assessment1 quality control system for medical care1 quality of medical care2


radiodiagnostics1 radiology4 railway clinical hospital named after n. a. semashko on the station lyublino1 rapid miner1 rating1 rating of a medical institution1 rational agents1 recognition1 reduction of the features space1 reference1 reference book of medicinal drugs1 reference data1 reflection1 regional clinical features of liver failure1 regional clinical hospital1 regional health informatization1 regional healthcare information system1 regional medical information system1 register3 registries1 registries of the patients of hemophilia1 registry1 regulatory base1 rehabilitation and prevention1 remote consultation2 remote monitoring2 reporting1 research1 rest1 resuscitation and intensive care1 ris2 risk1 risk factors3 risk groups1 risk management1 risks of the use of software in medicine1 roc analysis1 routing1 runet1 russian developments1 russian science citation index1 rxnorm ontology1


safety1 school of a stroke2 scientific activity1 scientific journals1 scorecards1 screening-test1 services1 set-theoretic model1 similarity1 simulation1 simulation modeling1 single sourсe publishing1 snomed ontology1 socially dangerous actions1 socially dangerous acts1 software1 software as a medical device1 software module1 software package2 spprs1 staff of the medical organizations1 standard operating protocols1 standards of medical aids1 standards of medical care1 state services1 storage1 strategic map of testing department1 stroke1 stroke prevention1 structured electronic medical document1 support1 system1 system analysis1 system approach1 system of automation of financial and economic activities1 system of continuous medical education1 system «medstat»2


target installations1 tasks1 technical solutions1 technique1 technological leaders1 technology trends1 tele-consulting1 tele-diagnostics1 tele-monitoring1 tele-nursing1 telehealth1 telemedicine11 telemedicine consultation1 telemedicine technology1 teleradiology4 teleservicing neurorehabilitation1 testing1 testing types1 the classes of cybersecurity medical devices1 the decentralized application1 the distance1 the effectiveness of the implementation of information systems1 the financial structure of the enterprise1 the medical organization1 the monitoring system of obstetrics1 the new efficiency in medical education1 the penitentiary system1 the program complex1 the register of patients with myocardial infarction1 the russian developments1 time series1 time series forecasting1 tomograms1 traffic accidents1 transplants of hematopoietic stem cells1 trauma center1 traumatic injuries1 treatment and diagnostic process1 tsifromed1


ultrasound1 ultrasound protocol1 unified state public health system1 uniform state information system of health care1 unstable atherosclerotic plaque1 uris1 urolithiasis1 user manual1 using google services1 usishc1 uzzy logic1


value‐oriented medicine1 video exercises1 videochat1 virtual experiment1 virtual hospital2 virtual patient1 visual analyzer1 visualization1 volume of ischemic injury1


wavelet analysis1 wdm1 wearable devices of microelectronics1 wearable electronics1 web of science core collection1 web-service1 widget1 work of the outpatient hospital1 working time1


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